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Cho-Liang Lin
Cho-Liang Lin

Q: I have seen some very busy traveling and touring schedules online. Incredible! Is it possible to have an active career and also have a relationship - or even meet someone when you're always traveling from city to city? (Erin Lynne, Glencoe, MD)

A: " I went to Atlanta to give a recital, and my pianist, as usual, needs a page turner. Apparently the original page turner got ill the day of the concert. But, the page turner happened to have a friend and so she called Debbie and asked if she can substitute for her as a page turner. And Debbie said, 'well I was going to go to the concert anyway. I'll do it.' She was being so conscientious about being a good page turner -- she actually came to our dress rehearsal on stage to get familiar with the music. So of course, I met her and was very taken immediately. During the break between the rehearsal and the concert, I started talking to her, and so our friendship began that way. So, music brought us together. And my wife is a doctor, so it was really illness and music that brought us together, so it's very appropriate." (Pianist Cho-Liang Lin)

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