Public Radio Fundraising

Virtuoso Voices™ is Public Radio’s primary source for classical music fundraising messages.

Virtuoso Voices Fundraising Spots add variety, humor and inspiration to your on-air and online fundraising. When Joshua Bell, Emanuel Ax and Andrew Litton ask your listeners to make a contribution, listeners respond.

Virtuoso Fundraising™ offers you three types of fundraising messages:

  1. Produced Funder Messages give stations three options. You can choose
  • a self-contained spot that you tag;
  • Andrew Litton (SC IOU LB)

    Stephen Isserlis (SC Alive and Playing)

  • a mostly self-contained spot with an opportunity for a longer, more localized Outro;
  • Andrew Litton (LO IOU LB)

    Stephen Isserlis (LO Alive and Playing)

  • a clip only version is also provided so stations can customize the spot with their own station-specific terminology.
  1. Un-hosted” Fundraising drop-ins that add a bit of radio-craft to your fundraising sound
  2. Joshua Bell (Partnership)

    Sir James Galway (Better Practicing)

  3. Straight-Read Spots with performers reading scripts that follow Public Radio’s core values for programming and fundraising
  4. Gil Shaham (Classical is Constant)

    Angela Hewitt (Bach Support)

The complete library of Virtuoso Fundraising™ messages can be found on PRX beginning January 1, 2011.

Here’s what Public Radio station Development Personnel and PDs say about the Virtuoso Fundraising™.

  • Listeners respond to top performers as they discuss the importance of supporting the music they love. Virtuoso Fundraising Clips enhance live host pitching and member testimonials, varying and reinforcing the support message. Virtuoso Voices is a valuable service.
    -- Patricia Prevost, Former Director of Development and Communications, WRTI, Philadelphia, PA
  • I'm also indebted to Virtuoso Voices for the fundraising clips, including some which are personalized so that the artists mentions our station by name, and asks listeners to give. Having a major artist ask specifically for support for my station adds weight to our fundraising campaigns.
    -- David Duff, Music Director, Alabama Public Radio
  • Time is often limited when we do get to speak to artists who are visiting our listening area. I’m reluctant to use our limited time to ask the artists to record fundraising spots; it can also be awkward. Virtuoso Voices has more experience with having artists record their spots, and it frees us from having to worry about them during our interviews.
    -- Mona Seghatoleslami, Announcer/Producer, West Virginia Public Broadcasting
  • In our current fund drive we have been using artist testimonials that you have provided on CD, which talk about both the value of classical music and public radio. These are very powerful and help build a strong case for listener support.
    -- Scott Williams, Director of Research, KBAQ/KJZZ, Phoenix, AZ

Virtuoso Fundraising is available to stations here on PRX.



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