Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach

March is Bach's birthday month. For those that play Bach, and those of us that do the listening, it's a wonderful, ongoing experience with something new to discover each time the music starts.

Bach was born on March 21 in 1685. The composer created an enormous amount of music in nearly every musical category, from solo keyboard pieces to concertos and sacred works. Numbers and compositional versatility aside, it's how Bach's music makes us feel that we celebrate today. Pianists Murray Perahia, Helene Grimaud and cellist Eugene Drucker each say the music takes them deep.

Pianists Murray Perahia, Helene Grimaud and violinist Eugene Drucker have each recorded Bach of note.

The music heard here is the Bach Partita No. 6 - Courante (Richard Stoltzman et al).

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