Matt Haimovitz

Matt Haimovitz

Cellist Matt Haimovitz made his debut at age 13 with the Israel Philharmonic. He plays in all of the major concert venues, and he’s recently made a specialty of playing in some not so traditional concert halls – like bars, nightclubs and small restaurants. Other pioneering efforts include expanding the cello repertoire by inviting composers to pair the solo cello with non-traditional ensembles.

Cellist Matt Haimovitz recalls playing a Bach Suite in a bistro while a patron was eating. Then, trumpeter Rolf Smedvig remembers a smoking performance of the Brandenburg Concerto No 2, famous for its acrobatic high notes for the solo trumpet.

More information on cellist Matt Haimovitz’s inventive concerts and concert repertoire is available here: Trumpet player Rolf Smedvig stays busy as soloist, teacher and leader of the Empire Brass Quintet.

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