Sharon Isbin

Sharon Isbin

Guitarist Sharon Isbin performs throughout the world as an orchestral soloist and recitalist. With the New York Philharmonic, she recorded Joaquin Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez, marking the Philharmonic's first-ever recording with guitar. Her "Dreams of a World: Folk-inspired Music for Guitar" earned her a 2001 GRAMMY Award.

Recording duets with yourself, meaning recording both parts of a duet, is not a new invention. You record the first part, and then record the second part as you listen in headphones to the music you recorded first. Guitarist Sharon Isbin calls it a real "inner body" experience.

There are four Renaissance duets on Sharon Isbin’s recent CD, “Journey to the New World.” And she plays both parts on each tune. You can learn more about Sharon Isbin and “Journey to the New World,” which features performances by Joan Baez and violinist Mark O’Connor by visiting her website:

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