Cho-Liang Lin

Cho-Liang Lin

When the page turner for Cho-Liang Lin's Atlanta concert fell ill, a substitute page turner was called in. Although a page turner doesn't necessarily make or break a performance, the substitute made both an immediate and a lasting impression on the violinist.

Violinist Cho-Liang Lin plays recital and concerto engagements throughout the world. He's also the Music Director of La Jolla Music Society's SummerFest. If you go to one of his recitals, and you see him give the page turner a wink, you'll know why...

You never know what might happen, or whom you might meet, when you go to a classical music concert. It might just be your future spouse. That fill-in page turner is now Cho-Liang Lin's wife.

The music heard here is Chen Yi's "Romance of Hsiao and Ch'in" (BIS CD-1352).

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