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Virtuoso Voices™ is an interview clip service for classical music radio stations.  Its goal is to enhance listeners’ enjoyment and understanding of classical music.  Virtuoso Voices presents today’s preeminent and upcoming classical music performers, conductors and composers talking in 20 to 35 second sound clips.

These topical and evergreen sound bites enable your announcers to take listeners backstage for the words, wit and wisdom of classical music’s leading performers and bring an additional insider’s perspective to the music they play on their shifts. 

Virtuoso Voices also provides Fundraising Scripts and Produced Fundraising Messages from many of the performers we interview.

Virtuoso Voices is Public Radio’s primary source for classical music fundraising messages.  Click on the Virtuoso Fundraising page to audition and read more about our fundraising service.

See the Performer List for the musicians available to you.  Here you can also find links to each performer’s audio on PRX.

Not familiar with PRX?  Click on the Additional Links tab to find out more.

If you’d like more information on how you can provide your listeners an additional insider’s view to the music they hear on your station, please contact Virtuoso Voices™ at







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Gil Shaham on KNAU

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